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John Yunker @ New Play Exchange

  • The woods at night

    Lights Out

    In the wilderness, at night, two mountain lions try to find their way around the lights of civilized and uncivilized human animals. With credit to David Parsons.

  • A wild turkey in Ashland, Oregon

    Turkey Day

    The turkeys are in charge and it is the politicians who are in need of pardoning.

  • Skip Intro image

    Skip Intro

    The next time you click Skip Intro, think about what you could be skipping.

  • Photograph from a performance of The Sales Rank Also Rises

    The Sales Rank Also Rises

    It's not easy being an author (or spouse) in the age of Amazon.com.

  • Photograph of a bumble bee

    Species of Least Concern

    Mountain bikers, scientists, and an endangered bumble bee species collide in this dark environmental comedy.

  • A close-up photgraph of a rescued chicken

    Meat the Parents

    Trapped within a family of vegans what’s a meat-eating teenage daughter to do but stage a rebellion?

  • A close-up of a black widow spider

    Little Red House

    Three characters on their journey to discover the truth, with a surprising and bittersweet outcome.

  • Typewriter


    What happens if your significant other commits to veganism and expects you to do the same?

  • My Name is Vegan name tag


    "You say vegan; I say veganish."

  • Photograph of Southern California beach

    Of Mice & Marines

    What happens when an endangered species is discovered on a battleground?

    Inspired by the true story of the Pacific Pocket Mouse.